Teni Reads

I’m not much of a blogger, honestly. I like writing, but I hardly ever do. I’d rather just think about it over and over, imagining the article, screenplay, novel that I should have written, but didn’t, and now no longer want to.

Yet, here I am. Starting a blog. Dedicating time to actually writing things – substantial things – that I want to write about. Well, the only thing I want to write about now is books (and maybe television and movies if I so choose). So, here I am. I honestly have been reading so many books that I wanted somewhere to put my thoughts. Mostly for me, but for whoever reads this too I guess.

I’m going to imagine that I am aboard a ship in 1247, sailing across the globe, documenting my life, but instead of adventures in different countries, it’s the books I read. I-M-A-G-I-N-A-T-I-O-N.

I love reading, I always have, but I did fall off. I’m back on the horse again and ready to ride this reading horse into the sunset. If there are any books you want me to read, shoot me a message!

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